Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home Office

June 5, 2022

With the current situation brought by the pandemic, the entire world has shifted from the busy and fast-moving demands of daily life to a slower pace, work-from-home setup. Home offices are one of the biggest additions most people had to make to adjust to this sudden change. Dedicating a separate area in the home for a computer to get work done has become more common these days.

A comfortable (but not too much that you get lazy to work!) workspace is essential in ensuring that you spend your time productively while in the room. One way to personalize your home office is to put in a cozy chair, a spacious desk to hold your work devices and other essentials, and a nice table lamp for those late-night deadlines. You can install a carpet for added warmth and comfort for your feet.

However, not all carpets are suitable for an at-home office. If you are looking for a home office carpet, here are the different types and styles you can choose from. Read the list we made below.

Commercial Carpet

This type of carpet is specifically made for use in areas with high volumes of traffic like offices and other commercial spaces. Because of their durability, stain-resistant feature, and easy maintenance, commercial carpets are ideal even for home offices. These carpets are usually thin and have a lower-profile level loop style, so you can easily move your furniture around if necessary.

Low Pile

Low profile or low pile carpets are thinner than other carpet styles. This means you can move and adjust your table, a heavy plant, storage units, and other furniture around your home office. If you are using a chair on wheels, you can freely swivel it with ease too.


A carpet-zippering happens when a pull-in-one loop causes subsequent loops in the same row to pull loose (like a run in your stockings!). A carpet stitched in a straight line is more prone to zippering. Because when a single loop is pulled, it will pull the next loop in the line. This will eventually lead to complete damage to your carpet.

So, it is better to look for a carpet stitched in a zigzag pattern to avoid zippering. These carpets are called anti-zippering. They can withstand a high amount of traffic, making them a good option as a home office carpet.

Let the Experts Help You

If you still can’t decide which carpet is best for your home office, call Carpet Discount Warehouse in Charlotte, NC. We can help you look for the one that suits your workspace best.