Try Our Custom Rugs in Charlotte, NC!

The area rugs at Carpet Discount Warehouse in Charlotte, NC have the power to turn any room into a home. Although standard sizes are meant to produce symmetry in most rooms, they don't always work. Some homeowners and office owners have specific demands that standard area rugs may not complement.

This is where the personalization of rugs at Carpet Discount Warehouse comes into play. These products are wonderful for a multitude of reasons and can truly help you create your dream space. This is especially true because you have complete control over size, color, and detail.

Carpet Discount Warehouse’s custom rugs in Charlotte, NC can be used practically anywhere because they are manufactured specifically to your requirement. Even if your room is unique in shape, a rug can be custom-made to fit it properly. You're not limited to typical sizes and forms any longer. We will guarantee you get exactly what you need.


If you want a unique area rug that you won’t see anywhere else, or can’t find a shape and size that fit your space, then custom rugs are an excellent option. Many homeowners get intimidated by customized furniture, including custom area rugs because of the added cost, time, and effort they have to give. However, getting a custom rug is surprisingly easier than most people expect, especially these days, a lot of carpet providers are now openly accepting custom-made designs.

Carpet Discount Warehouse offers a wide array of carpets, area rugs, vinyl, and custom rugs in in Charlotte, NC to beautify your home or office. Contact us today!