Common Area Rug Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

March 7, 2023

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Area rugs preserve your floors, keep your feet cozy, and unify the look of your space, among many other advantages. Finding the ideal area rug, however, can become quite complicated very fast because there are so many factors to consider. Material, color, and size are just a few considerations in an area rug.

Most of the time, homeowners end up picking the wrong rug. These often look out of place in the rooms they are in or experience severe wear and tear. Listed here are the most frequent mistakes people make with area rugs and how to rectify them so you can always choose the ideal rug for you.

  • Picking the Wrong Material
    The material for your area rug is very important. For example, wool sisal and jute are fibers that work well in living rooms and family rooms. Rugs made of polypropylene and seagrass, on the other hand, are perfect for kitchens.

    You can fix this by learning about your materials of choice. If you want an area rug that is tough and simple to clean, polypropylene is a wonderful material to start with. They are excellent in kitchens, outdoor areas, and high-traffic areas because they mimic the look and feel of sisal but are synthetic and much more durable.
  • Buying the Incorrect Rug Size
    Choosing the wrong size when buying an area rug is the most frequent mistake homeowners commit. This results in a lot of empty space or an excessive amount of cover that is difficult to decorate around.

    The simple solution to this is to take the time to measure the precise dimensions you require. If you have the exact measurements, you can order a custom area rug to achieve the ideal fit. As a result, you can be confident that your rug will fit perfectly where you intend to put it. If this seems too complicated, you can also pick the nearest conventionally sized rug.
  • Leaving the Rugst Exposed to the Sun
    We know that you want everyone to see your lovely new rug. However, exposing your rug to direct sunlight will typically result in sun damage. While others like the tough, worn look, sun exposure will cause sisal, seagrass, and jute rugs to fade.

    If you are okay with sun bleaching, make sure that there is equal exposure to sunlight throughout the rug to prevent having a two-tone carpet. If you don’t want a faded rug, consider using a polypropylene indoor or outdoor rug if it will be exposed to the sun. Its synthetic fibers are made to withstand the sun’s rays and can spend many summers outside.

If you’re interested in buying the right area rug for a specific room in your home, Carpet Discount Warehouse in Charlotte, NC can help you with that. We offer custom area rugs that can elevate any room’s appearance.